Photo of Jenny Weber

Howdy! I’m Jenny.

My name is Jenny Weber and I am currently a working artist in Minneapolis, MN.

My work looks to the past for inspiration, pulling the raw unfiltered nuggets of truth forward to be faced, analyzed, and finally embraced. By pushing clay around I can show others what those nuggets look like through my eyes, with the hope to make them feel and learn just as I had. I say nugget because what better word can embody the moments of life that are so precious to us they deserve analyzing?

I used to be a warrior for those who never wanted to grow up. As the years have gone by, I have realized that it is something you cannot fight. It is inevitable that I keep growing. I become a better person from each wave that life throws at me.

I hope to connect with people navigating these waves through my art because we need one another to keep from drowning. It is the passion for life that brings us back to the surface, and it is my passion for clay that makes me express these experiences in a physical form.

Thanks for stopping by!

— Jenny

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